2035 academe

About the Facility

Our small classroom has the intimate appeal of an old style atelier. Art Students in the area finally have the opportunity to further their training with true structured classes and curriculum. 2035 Academe is currently developing our curriculum for summer of 2018. The facility is designed around traditional drawing and painting media including life drawing/painting classes. Any qualified art instructor* can rent the space for workshops, full curriculum schedule or single sessions.

Our classroom includes the following amenities: excellent lighting, tables, chairs, folding live model platform,  traditional and tabletop easels for 10 students, unisex bathroom, large white board, kitchenette, and sinks for cleanup. It is available from  9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 days a week.

Room Rental Fees: 2 to 8 hours is $10 per person/student per day. If a class goes over 8 hours in one day, an additional $10 per person is required.

*Instructors must be able to demonstrate a reasonable degree of proficiency in their chosen medium.