Materials List


REFERENCE IMAGES – Bring copies of your BEST images. You can either have them printed on quality photo paper (Staples Ultra-Premium Photo Paper – Matte is recommended and please do not use regular bond paper) or use your ipad or any other tablet. These images must be of subjects you are excited to paint!

SUPPORTS – Bring whatever supports you would like, stretched canvas or canvas boards or panels up to about 18 x 24 inches. You might wish to have a few small, study size panels as well.

SKETCHBOOK – A small easy to carry sketchbook and whatever handy drawing implement works for you. I use Prismacolor double-ended markers in 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% warm gray and black. I also use a mechanical 0.7 mm pencil.

OIL PAINT – One (1) – 37 ml tube of ARTIST quality oil paint of each color, RED, MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLUE, CYAN, BLACK and WHITE. The different manufacturers listed below are to enable accurate color matching between brands.

RED – Cadmium Red / Windsor Newton or Cadmium Red Medium / Gamblin or Cadmium Berium Red (not deep) / Grumbacher

MAGENTA – Permanent Rose / Windsor Newton or Quinacridone Red / Gamblin or Quinacridone Red / Grumbacher

YELLOW – Windsor Yellow / Windsor Newton or Hansa Yellow Medium / Gamblin or Cadmium Yellow Light / Grumbacher

BLUE – French Ultramarine Blue / Windsor Newton or French Ultramarine Blue / Grumbacher or Ultramarine Blue / Gamblin

CYAN – Thalo Blue / Grumbacher or Phthalo Blue / Gamblin

BLACK – Ivory Black

WHITE – Titanium White
Two (2) – 37 ml tubes or One (1)- 150 ml tube

PAINTING MEDIUM – Neo MeGilp Medium 2oz or Larger

You may bring whatever oil paint you have as long as they are the correct hues or colors. If you are on a tight budget, you might try Windsor Newton Winton or Grumbacher Academe student oil colors.

BRUSHES – Any artist quality long handled bristle or quality synthetic brushes will do. I use filberts, long filberts and flats.

PALETTE – Gray Matters, palette paper or equivalent

CLEANING JAR – Silicoil cleaning jar or other small jar with lid

CLEANING SOLUTION – 1 – 8oz bottle of artist grade Walnut or Safflower oil

BRUSH CLEANER – 2.5 OZ small cake of The Masters Brush Cleaner

PAPER TOWELS – 1 roll of BLUE shop paper towels (OPTIONAL – add one more for homework)

WET PANEL CARRIER – inexpensive cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil or aluminum roasting pan for wet painting transport